Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Lake Powell in an RV

 We had a lot of miles to cover when we purchased our RV and had to get it from Arizona to Nebraska in time for school Monday morning.  So the bulk of the trip was just driving, but the kids loved to color and play cards at the table while in their seatbelts.

We did make one stop to check out scenery, and that was at Lake Powell.  Our friend had told us the best exit to take to drive the RV right onto the beach, and his advice didn't disappoint!

We were all thrilled to stretch our legs in that cool, dry desert air, and run across an orange sand beach.

My older son found this large heart-shaped rock.

Everyone took some time to get used to the clear, clean lake water and enjoy the beauty of the sun in the morning.  The only regret all of us had was that we couldn't stay a night or two.  The sand is packed down enough that one could camp right there and enjoy the water during the day...maybe even have a campfire at night.  It was a lovely vacation spot.


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