Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Just Keep Washing

As I mentioned in yesterday's post about living life, not waiting around is the key.  Living each moment authentically, on purpose and towards accomplishing what you are proud of really help (at least me) to be happy.

So how does one do that in a less than ideal living situation?  As the stay at home parent in our family I have found what works the best for me.  And like the movie line "just keep swimming" I find that I need to "just keep washing."

6 people take in a lot of food and dirty a lot of clothes (and house if we're gonna go there).  It is outside my realm of possibility to wait until I have my laundry facilities in the "right" spot to wash our clothes.  I cannot simply stop cooking or cleaning up afterwards because my kitchen is disassembled.  Some people are able to do some version of that if someone else is doing the remodeling and/or it is being done while they live somewhere else.  Oh, I have spent my fair share of time envying those people, but life got better when I stopped.

First of all I must remember that remodeling houses is MY DREAM.  But the thing about dreams is they take the every day dirty work to make happen.  My husband's dirty work is with the power tools and sawdust and mine is mostly with the laundry and dishes.

To be clear I've done whatever remodeling I could take part in.  I love it!  But on a day to day basis while Casey works his day job making a living to support us and to save for the next project, I do my day job keeping life going for all of us.  I'm writing this post to share how I get past the OvErWhelMed part of living in a remodeling project.  I narrow in my focus.  If I can't figure out what to focus on in the chaos I just repeat this mantra:  DISHES and LAUNDRY.  When those are done I can move on to other things, but this is my mantra that keeps life afloat and us ready and energized to keep doing the work that we love.

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  1. I like FLYlady's morning routine. On the hard days, I tell myself that as long as I can get those things done, I've done enough to get us through.


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