Thursday, February 27, 2014

My middle-aged faith Crisis

I thank my faith crisis for making me search, making me hunger to seek out light and truth.

 It brought me to Jesus, to learning his teachings and letting go of the things he despised.

It cost me a few friendships, but it opened the door to many richer and more sincere ones.

My faith crisis helped me to like myself, to see my true heart and to embrace THIS mortal life instead of numbing myself while waiting for the next.

I'm grateful to be alive in this messy brutal world and I feel honored to be engaging with weak, struggling people.  There is such beauty in weakness and imperfection.  I'm so grateful my eyes have been opened.

My first instinct when this "crisis" began was to run.  Run from all things related to faith.  I had a lot of anger and pain to discover.  I am thankful for the change, but it could have had a high cost if I hadn't been encouraged to have patience and go through it rather than under or around.

Art by Carl Bloch.


  1. You are inspiring Bobi. I wish you so much peace and love.

  2. And by the way, middle age must be the time to do it. I remember my mom finally facing things head on around the time I was 16. Things from her past. I don't know that she would call it a faith-crisis as much as a faith-revamp. I've found it generally takes a crisis and bottoming out to help us truly understand the Atonement. I don't feel like I've had one of those yet, and I'm hoping maybe God is just going to let me learn from other people. He's totally into that, right?

    1. I love it! Yes, I'd call it a faith transition...but like most learning experiences in my life they start out as a crisis. I'm dramatic like that :)


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