Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Parenting Days

So a lot of days for the stay at home parent are just check a mark in the box for survival, am I right?  I fall into bed glad that I get to be falling in bed (I've had enough late nights with newborns to know that's a privilege).

But now and then you get a win.  And hopefully enough every now and again to get you through to the next.  Yesterday I got one!  I had a 5:30 pm pediatric dentist appointment for all four of the kids at once!  We got there, we got through it and:

4 kids with no cavities!

Yep, that's a huge win in my book.  Close to a positive parent/teacher conference for ability to get you through another 6 months :).  Even more financially exciting, he doesn't predict orthodontic work for any of the kids, yet.  And I know that's a big YET, but since my oldest is eleven it's looking hopeful that we'll be free of that expense for at least some of the kids.  That is such a sigh of relief after days of fretting over the money pit.  Our heater is going out and we're just really itching to get some tile on the sub floors that are bare.  Because there is so much square footage even doing the work alone, the materials are SO expensive.  But I think we're ready to take a big breath and tackle the next big project.

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