Wednesday, March 5, 2014

36 Things I am Proud of

Me, circa 1979

I've been wanting to make a list of goals or things to accomplish by the time I am 40, since I just had a birthday.  But I thought for today, I'd switch it around and think positive and look back at what I am proud of, not just think of more to do.

I do still have some goals--like roller skating 40 times before I'm 40, but I'll save that list for later.  I am proud of:

  1. having four children and surviving their babyhood's
  2. all the remodeling work we have done on our houses
  3. that I've been able to invest time in raising our kids
  4. that many of my health problems of the last couple of years have started getting resolved
  5. that I had the courage to leave my "normal" life behind for Casey to go to law school and pursue his dream (I'll admit I cried a lot when we planned it)
  6. teaching my kids to read
  7. the passion with which I have been able to pursue and study my faith
  8. the peace I feel stronger as I age
  9. waking back up to having goals and dreams this year
  10. the joy that music of so many kinds has brought me
  11. the giving I've been able to do
  12. the love of my parents, I'm so grateful for it, even though I didn't create it :)
  13. that I've smiled and found joy in a variety of circumstances
  14. I have very fond memories of all the laughs I've shared over the years with my siblings, and roommates, and especially my husband
  15. the plethora of mornings I coaxed kids out of bed, got myself in gear and got everyone where they needed to be on time
  16. it's not shiny or fancy but just the basic every day needs met like that for my family I am deeply proud of looking back
  17. I'm grateful for the consistence of love from those things
  18. glad we got a camper last year, grateful for the memories the kids already have from it
  19. sewing skills, not as much for the small amount of money they've made but mostly for the homey quilts the kids enjoy when they are sick
  20. spiritual changes that have allowed my heart to be more open to giving and receiving love from more people
  21. 15 years of marriage
  22. working hard with my best friend (see number 21)
  23. hanging on to my sanity when things were rough and it felt impossible
  24. making the best of sad things like when we lost the house we were building, and enjoying the adventure of this fixer
  25. retaining information that I enjoy contemplating and discussing from books I read
  26. picking a home with a new library nearby to enjoy
  27. getting the kids involved in summer reading programs
  28. adjusting to girl #1's celiac diagnosis and implementing her gluten free diet
  29. serving as a RS president and the spiritual and humbling growth it gave me
  30. arguing with my husband as we grew to see each other's perspective and I learned to be a more sincerely loving person from him
  31. getting involved in dance and roller skating at the urging of caring friends
  32. forcing myself to self-nurture and build the joy I have to share
  33. discovering again the treasure that is all the books, podcasts, and other learning material out there to devour and enjoy
  34. making the best of a life in a place we knew no one and turning it into our home
  35. forgoing substances that many enjoy but have prevented wasted money and time and addiction.  I think that has been a real boost for our family.
  36. I'm proud that I made it to 36!  And I kept it positive and non self-derogatory :).  And I can't wait for the future!

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  1. You are awesome! Dreams and goals are so important in motherhood I've decided. It keeps everything from becoming too long term.


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