Sunday, March 2, 2014

Bucket Washing Machine

So, we saw this idea last summer when it was featured on the buzzfeed list of camping hacks.  My husband quickly (and cheaply!) made one for us right as our camping season was coming to an end.

Casey changed up the design to make ours a little more ergonomic.  We have a centered opening, a gasket sealed lid and a coupler to keep water from splashing out.  After he showed me this, I determined once again that he's kind of a genius :)!

I never knew we'd get a second washing machine :), and make it for less than $10.

Best part?  It can be operated by a toddler.  We chose the blue bucket so that we'd know easily which bucket was for washing.  We have several others for painting and we wanted to keep it clear!

It's a small capacity, but it could mean fresh underwear or clean swimsuits for a weekend at the lake with no need to find a laundromat.

What makes this design unique is that we purchased a rubber gasket sealed bucket lid (the original design on the other blog used a laundry detergent bucket with an existing hole) and Casey drilled a centered hole with the Hole Saw bit on his drill.

In the electrical conduit department was where this handy gray coupler (two pieces) was found.  I am required to point that out because he spent HOURS trying to find the right thing in the plumbing department first.  He'd like to save you that time :).  The coupler has either 1 1/4 or 1 1/2 inches opening.  The key is for it to be enough bigger than the plunger stick that the stick can move around to get all sides of the bucket.

Drilled holes in the plunger (used 3/4 inch bit) is the key to water and soap circulating around the clothes and the entire bucket to enhance the cleaning process.  When drilling make sure you give enough space between holes to maintain the structural integrity of the rest of the rubber.

And he's ready to wash.  It takes about 1 Tablespoon of laundry soap.  Make sure you do a clean rinse or two after the wash "cycle" and then line dry at your camp spot.

Let's camp!

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  1. Such a genius idea! I have pinned and stumbled this because I think it is awesome!!


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