Monday, April 7, 2014

Being the 4th Child (and life with the 3rd)

Lane 12/2010

This little guy was the victim of a Christmas season baking frenzy.  His motivated mom decided to make some homemade truffles.  She left a pile of them on the counter, and looking back 4 years, she herself can not figure out why.  With a mischievous 3 year old in the house, uncertain of how he felt about his baby brother, it was most certainly a recipe for disaster.

Why, this event had just happened the day before:
self explanatory, right?

I think these pictures bring back giggles and warm memories for two reasons: 

1.  This didn't happen today.
2.  Pepetrator is now safely secured in a school classroom where he's been praised as well behaved and a hard worker and gets great scores.
3.  Lesson?  Miracles still exist

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