Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Home Built Lego Table

My husband designed and made a very useful coffee table for our family room.  It looks great but it is also VERY functional for our Lego loving family.

 He used round fence posts for the legs.  He took time to look through the stack to find the least tapered posts possible to try to get uniform widths.

He used carriage bolts on the outside of the table legs for a more rustic feel.

The inspiration came from this post.  As you can see, he made it our own with several changes.  He took the divider out of the middle, he made the entire thing much wider. 

For that reason, he had to add 3 lids instead of the 2.  It's so perfect for us.  It makes a nice smooth surface when closed and then many choices of building surfaces available even when open to access legos.

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