Sunday, May 18, 2014

Camping Near Omaha {Lake McConaughy}

Let me just introduce you to my favorite spot in Nebraska...

Yup.  Right there in that red chair.  The legs of the chair sink into the soft, wet sand.  This picture was taken on a 100 degree day but the water was clear and cool.  It's no wonder the phrase I Love Lake Mac was coined.  It is my top Near Omaha camping spot so far.

Sure, there's loads of the trip bonus that keeps on giving (SAND) to clean up later.  But let me tell ya, honey.  It's worth it.  See all those campers on the other shore?  For $40 locally owned tractors will tow you down near the water (the sand to get there is too soft and you'll sink if you try getting a camper down there yourself).  

Labor Day weekend 2013 (100 degree heatwave)

Since this was our first trip to Lake Mac we didn't spring for the tow and simply parked up higher before the sand began.  We'd just trek down each morning to greet the water when the sun rose.  It was a decently long walk.  Enough so that I think we'll spring for the closer location this season.  Our camp fees were a very modest $7, but there were no hook-ups.  Since we were only there 2 nights we had enough fresh water and our black and gray tanks didn't get full.  If we'd wanted to stay longer we could have driven in to town (Ogallala, NE) to take a dump and refresh the camper :).

Our longing to spend more time here inspired the camping washing machine Casey made.  We RV camped and made our self comfortable, but there were plenty of tent campers enjoying the lake as well.  Plus, they could get closer to it without paying for towing.  I'm guessing the sand issue is a little more extreme that way, but I'd still give it a shot.  This camp spot is around 5 hours from Omaha.


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