Monday, May 19, 2014

DIY Blonde Hair

Confession: I've never had a hairdresser get quite the shade I was going for when getting my hair colored.  When I decided to go for platinum blonde last summer (quite a stretch, but midlife makes those checklist items seem more pressing) I of course began with a professional.

And she helped me get to a nice soft shade of ORANGE.  Frankly, she was just too nervous that the amount of bleach and the amount of time it would take to get my almost-black hair, almost-white blonde....would fry my follicles off.  Or something like that.

So I took matters (as well as some gloves and some chemicals) into my own hands, and this is what you can find me doing every few weeks.

Dyeing time is ME time and I really don't mind it.  And at $6 a box, it's no big thang.  I'm pushing a year with no desire to go back.  Blonde Bobi's do have more fun!  At least for now :).

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