Thursday, October 9, 2014

Brown/red lipstick

So...I was attempting selfies this morning so I could blog about the way I found my perfect red lip color.

4 year olds like their part in a photo op it turns out so I got a twofer: a sunny pic with me and my boy and a little glimpse of the self created lip color.

Here's the secret.   I colored in my whole lip with brown eyeliner first.  Then I applied this one layer of MAC's Ruby Woo.  It is advertised as a very universally flattering red, but I was disappointed with the tone when it first arrived. 

Perhaps if your skin tone is like mine and good reds are hard to come by you'd benefit from adding some brown or black liner underneath.  Try it!

P.S. MAC lipstick is about double the price of what you'll find at the local grocery store but the texture and ability to last ALL day probably make it worth about the same when it's all said and done.  No one is paying me to say this.  Just my trial and error opinion.

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