Thursday, November 6, 2014

So much to do with that Pallet

One of the great bonuses of getting our building supplies in bulk and delivered on a truck is all the pallets they arrived on.

We've got the fresh clean pretty ones out in the backyard "weathering" the natural way (not like this) and as I looked out over the one that is still out there I started daydreaming what it should become.  Do you have any votes?

Here are my ideas so far:


Because, hey...why rip them apart when you have perfectly spaced areas for lettuces?


Casey wants a more enclosed electronics cabinet so this might not happen.  It'd be a good style for a buffet table in our dining area, though.


This looks like a pretty fast way to use them without much effort.  And we do need a new bed....


Not sure, but I'd add some stain on these maybe.  We could use sidetables in every room in this house.  Quick and useful.


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