Saturday, December 6, 2014

Insta Saturday

First of all, sweet honey :) changed a CV joint boot on my van.  This is the yucky broken one.  I love that van and the way my man has kept it running all these years.  I love how cheap older cars are to register and I love the freedom of not caring about scratches or dents since it already looks like a mess.

Sadly it appears we may be on its last days but we'll milk it as long as we can.

I tried to do peekaboo hair color on someone besides myself.   It was more fun than I expected.  And it came out subtle enough for middle school I hope :).

I used manic panic After Midnight.   The good thing about this type of color is that it's semi permanent and doesn't damage or change her young,  healthy hair. 

My other daughter sang with her chorus at an outdoor mall.  It was delightful to watch.

Hope you had a great Saturday too!

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