Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Excerpts from my Journal


I need writing catharsis and my body is too tired and in pain to go sit on the floor to meditate like I usually do.

It's Friday.  My hands are gnarled and swollen with arthritis today.  I've been in a slow way progressing, though.  I think this medicine was slow getting started but I have noticed subtle changes.  It takes patience to pace myself each day and accept that my health is weak again that day.

I fought it right when I got off steroids.  I went into a week of vigorous roller skating and dance classes to prove something about what a fighter I was.  What it did is weaken me and I got sick.

Man it is hard to be patient.  I struggle to be proud of myself for the little things I contribute each day, like a load of dishes or keeping Lane fed and changed.  Sometimes I'll get a room vacuumed or a book read.  I AM making the effort daily to get down to the smallest, simplest of victories and let my smile come and my feeling of accomplishment warm my heart.  It helps keep me happy and being happy is important for my health.

Quotes from Reading

"You become the sum of the five people with whom you spend the most time.  If you don't walk away from a conversation feeling bigger or more empowered, then you need to hang around with some new folks.  That's the #1 mistake that young people make.  They hang around with the wrong crowd for the wrong set of reasons, and they end up living a smaller life because the people they are around do not think big thoughts."
-David Wood-

"Before I turned 30 years old, I had already read 500 books on business, on relationships, on marriage, on finances, on many different subjects that I wanted to study.  Those books became my mentors.  Those books became my advisory board."
-Patrick Bet-David-

"Clarity is power."
-David Wood-

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