Sunday, February 22, 2015

Bathroom Pallet Wall

Instead of a full wall, we decided to go all the way around our little downstairs 1/2 bathroom.   It's goes up about the height of a high chair rail.

I cleaned and roughly stained the boards using a variety of leftover stains and Dutch oil.
After attaching the decorative boards to the plywood Casey had put on the wall previously,  he added two coats of a spray lacquer for water protection.  There will be a wood chair rail put on top, and of course, a mirror, light fixture...that sort of thing :).

Still I wanted to give an update on our progress.  First of all, it'll be so nice to have a toilet on the ground floor.  But besides that, I'm really excited to see Casey and I's designs come to life.  Making this house our home continues to be rewarding (especially on the finished end).

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  1. Lookin good. Can't wait to see the bathroom once the chair rail is up! Are you going to repaint the top walls too or leave them the same color?


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