Thursday, April 9, 2015

In Sickness and in Haircolor

I'm gonna start this post by saying my new years resolution this year was to just stick to my natural hair color.  You know...keep it simple and healthy while I focused on fighting lupus.

As you'll read below, that is not quite what happened.  This article a friend posted for me yesterday reminded me of why I have enjoyed make-up and haircolor so much in the past year.

Since resolutions work so well for me ;), I counted 17 different hairstyles since the start of the year as I was looking through  my archived photos.

Nice!  That's resolutions for ya, folks!

Anyhow.  this post started as I saw the "sick" in my eyes. I can map my memories of this winter and the specific drug I was on by the look in my eyes--but the hair color helps me remember specific dates, of course.  Hee hee

I wouldn't change a thing.  Little did I know I had a few colors left in me to try.  And try and ENJOY and EMBRACE them I did.  And ya know what?  They really helped distract me in the awful days.  I'd do it again.  Even though now I am in a happily committed relationship with the cool blonde I started with before I got color crazy.

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