Thursday, May 7, 2015

A Lego Table Update

Remember when Casey made us the VERY useful coffee table?  I remember every day since it is our most used piece of furniture.  The youngest who is quite a lego aficionado spends probably half of his day around or near it :).

Casey wanted to sort colors this winter as they were doing some involved projects and needed quick ways to find specific pieces.

All he did was grab some wood scraps and cut them to the length of the interior of the box.  Let it be known that this level of organization did not last!  One reason I love this table is the ability to quickly clean up the legos by throwing them mindlessly under the lids of this coffee table.  I warned Casey of that when he started the color sorting, and he was fine with that.  He just wanted the ability to sort if needed while doing a specific build.

Since midwest winters leave us lots of indoor time, legos are a great (non tech) way to inspire the kids' creativity.  One of my daughters took a section of the table up to her room to design herself a "condo."  

I think I want a dining table like that!  Does your family enjoy legos? 

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