Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Indian Cave {Camping Near Omaha}

Here's why we love Indian Cave for camping:  We get a secluded spot.

We can boondock.  In fact our power was completely out (battery issue) our first time here, so it was basically like tenting it.  In a super comfortable tent with a toilet, of course ;).

There were established spots.  There may have even been hook-ups.  I don't right remember because we were so craving an off grid couple of days.

This guy loves to chop his own wood.  Notice his daughter mimicking the arm swing. 

He only harvests already-down lumber, in case you wondered.

But he employs child labor in hauling the downed tree to our camp area.

Team work!

The morning cuddles are my favorite.  Both to be part of and to watch.

He covered his eyes cause he's tired of all the pictures.  (Sorry!)

But he fell back to sleep with the comfort of someone else's ear to rub...

And woke up to Daddy's wonderful Camp-cakes.

I'm not sure why they ended up back in the camper playing barbies.  But I guess it was something that doesn't require batteries or electricity, so there ya go.

Indian Creek Campground:

  •         Places to boondock unplugged and have a little privacy
  •         plenty of firewood
  •         a couple of hours away from Omaha metro
  •         enough trees to feel like you are in the mountains if that is what you are used to


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  2. I loooove Indian Cave! Often I wish it was just a little bit closer to the Omaha area, but it's not terrible once in a while to make a little day trip down there. Also -- the ice cream shop in Brownville on the way/return is adorable and worth a stop. ;)


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