Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Self watering garden box

We're not afraid to admit that our entire family avidly reads Family Handyman magazine.  I got a discount on a subscription (after checking out every back issue at the library) and ended up signing up for 4 years as a Christmas gift for Casey.  In it we found this gardening idea, and after months of planning Casey drew up these plans for himself and set to building.

I have included his cut list in case you'd like to make one too.

And for some reason I just loved the purity of the black and white shots of the building process.  The thing about him is he skips no detail.  He planned it down to the screw size and building goes smoothly because of that.

He did a little recycling and used pallet parts for the support boards.

It was a cool process to watch the watering mechanism put together and then the drain hole put in--all by the family handyman himself :).  We've got our plants we started from seeds in there with the soil mix they recommended.  I haven't noticed any great growth, so I'm a little nervous--especially since some seem wilted.  I'm hoping the cold nights weren't too big a shock since they went straight from the house to this planter.  I'll post updates!

Are you gardening this spring?

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