Thursday, September 3, 2015

Top 10 Cheap or Free Crafts

Are you in charge of planning a craft day for your church or club? Do you like to find projects that are free or low cost?

I put together this list of my most popular projects, most of which recycle things you'd normally throw away, or cost very little.

1.  Cover pumpkins with Duct Tape.

2.  Make a looped scarf out of a T-shirt.

3.  Make an infinity scarf from a T-shirt.

4.  Make a rope scarf from a T-shirt.

5.  Cover a diaper box with fabric.

6.  Cover a diaper box with Duct Tape.

7.  Make a Sensory Box for your kids.

8.  Make tasty PB Cups with stuff in your cupboard.

9.  Make some Italian salad dressing to keep in your fridge.

10.  And finally...pull out another T-shirt and make a ruffle scarf!

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