Wednesday, September 2, 2015

What are my Gifts?

I was reading an inspiring post on today and she encouraged us to embrace our gifts and let go of the things we think we "should" be good at.

As a fellow blog writer I appreciate hearing that she finally gave up on artistic writing (I'm so not good at that myself).  I love to write and share things on my blog, and it *does* make me feel alive when I've drafted some words that I want to share.  However, I do wonder what the point is when it isn't widely read.  Something about her post encouraged me that it is still worth doing because of that feeling of coming alive.

Reading and learning something new makes me feel the same.  I love the wide variety of books I've started to explore in the last couple of years.  The freedom I feel when studying what I find interesting, excites me.

I was an obedient child, and adult for that matter.  I spent (and still do) the majority of my time setting intentions and working towards those things I think I should be doing.  I'm worried about being the right kind of wife, the right kind of mother, the right kind of American, the right kind of daughter, the right kind of church member, the right kind of get the picture.  Those are very subjective things which leave my behavior to the mercy of a societal structure I didn't decide on.

Anyway, this post has no conclusions.  I don't think I've really discovered or decided what my gifts are or where I should spend my time, but I wanted to write for writing's sake, because it makes me feel alive :)>.

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