Sunday, March 27, 2016

Nana's Lettuce Salad

My sister made a wonderful collection of family recipes years ago, and it is my most used and loved cookbook.  And by USED I really mean it.  I was getting worried a few days ago that I'm going to lose these pages or not be able to find and use them.  So I am saving them one at a time to this blog for another place to reference when I need a family favorite!

This salad is light and easy to make and I find myself adding it quickly to our dinner often.

Mary Kedl is my great grandmother on my mom's side (my mother's mother's mother) and someone I have dear memories with.  She lived in Sheridan, Wyoming and I loved driving over the bighorn mountains to spend the day with her.  We'd often take her out to lunch at her favorite restaurant, Perkins, and she and I liked to share a slice of chocolate silk pie for dessert.

Today I am including this salad with our Easter dinner so she is on my mind.  Love you, Nana.

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