Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Okay, maybe I do

I just wanted to write that title because I'm tired of seeing the title of the last post.

I had poetry running through my mind today but I didn't take the time to write.

Poetry means there is a crack in my flow.

And rhyming starts.  Deep heavy stuff, where smiles aren't a part.

(hee hee)

It's spring break for the older ones, but the preschool boy came home with this great musical toy.

They jammed together and made my house feel child-joy.

I've been sorting all kinds of old momentos.

I won this when I was about 16.

You know the stage in my life where swinging was fast country dancing :).

I assured my husband I would not post this award on our walls for guests to see.

While perusing the memory books I found some written gems!

Life goals:  

Nailed it.

P.S. Watch Instagram for photo evidence that my memoirs are complete :).

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