Sunday, November 20, 2016

When you haven't had TV for 10 years

We have televisions in our house, we just stopped paying for the service around 2006.  Was it a coincidence that we soured on television viewing in the same months we had just finished filming our own debut on HGTV?  Probably not, if you've read my explanations of the aftermath.  Being on "reality TV" after an intense week of acting made my favorite shows lose the glitz I'd viewed them with.

But that wasn't the only reason.  Really, the big one was money.  When $50 a month is critical to survival you know it ain't the time for that.  So we got through our 10 years of law school, money pit foreclosure...and finally on the other side debt eliminated, lifestyle downsized, we are ready to jump in again.

Well, not ready...we are already in.  We got satellite service last week.  The technology is grand.  DVR's recording up to 5 things at once!  Turning it on to find a list of your favorite shows you can binge on in order!  Hubby can have it find every game his favorite team plays--no matter the channel to record.  So that is fun!  After a long break from something the advances are awe inspiring :).

We cancelled our Netflix, subsequently.  We had enjoyed a few shows on it here and there, but the TV technology was just way more inclusive.

There wasn't much other point to this post.  I just wanted to talk about it, and also kind of ask how you use your TV technology.  What do you watch?  Do you record it first or just watch something when it is on?  Do you like having the noise of the TV in your background or do you plan and intensely watch your show and then shut it off?

Just wanna hear how others enjoy this part of our world :).

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  1. I cut cable back in 2011 and don't really miss it much. I feel that advertisers should pay for TV like they do for radio and that consumers should not have to pay. But that's another post for another day. I like to watch Modern Family and Forensic Files. :)


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