Wednesday, March 22, 2017

My Brain, My mag

I know I had the idea for this post this morning, and the details of what I was going to write about have become fuzzy.  It was about church (the mormon church, of which I am a member) and faith transitions and theology and other's thoughts and my own, etc.....

Because of the crazy scary trolls I seemed to incite last year, facebook has become not so safe a space, so my posts are scanty and quickly removed.  I had a time where someone else was logging into my own account daily! and I was changing the password just as fast.  So far, I seem to have locked that down, but I removed everything and just don't have trust to put my life on there much more.  There is something shady shady going on with either the government or people trying to support them, or leftover issues from the election.  I DON'T KNOW.  All I know is somehow facebook is infiltrated and I pissed them off with a picture I posted.  Imma kinda lay low from that space until whatever crimes and collusion are sorted.

But...and the point I'm getting to, is I still read/see/learn things from people there that affect my thinking.

One example is an Ensign (mormon magazine) article that upset a lot of my friends and they've been discussing it.  That started my train of thought, because truth be told I let that subscription expire probably 3 years ago and never looked back.  I get anxiety FROM my church and that is one of the ways.  I like the church sooo much better when I don't read the to-do lists and shame fests that whatever writers ooze into print.  Those writers are just folks like me, and honestly their style of spirituality seems to awaken the opposite in me.  And that's ok.

I write here about my spirituality and more than one person has contacted me by email to disagree.  Ha!  And this is just a one woman blog.  There's a major authoritarianism faction in active mormonism that I think keeps official publications from too much critique like that, so I guess my blog would be much easier to check.  But my point is, those writers have no more access to God than I, and in my new witchy ol' hag stage of life, I question EVERYTHING.  So, I feel just dandy disagreeing with most of that magazine.  Done with it.  Done.  Ahhhhh, refreshing breath.

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