Saturday, December 3, 2011


I wish I could take this day and just bottle it up.

I am happy.

I don't know where we will live or what our future will hold even two weeks from now, but I am content.

Girl #1 and I made some french donuts (hers were gluten free) and I took a picture in my mind of the two of us laughing as powdered sugar popped onto our shirts as the microscopic bits blew out of our eager mouths.

I slept in.  I savored that nourishing sleep more since baby Cowboy was up from 2:30 am-6 am the night before.

I'm in love with my beautiful home.  Beautiful two bedroom, maybe 800 square feet of homey space that my husband's talents are really making a mark on.  I toured a 1.5 million dollar home last night and it was amazing how much I loved my own little home when I returned.

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  1. What a wonderful post Bobi! I'm so happy that you are in a place of peace. You are incredible!


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