Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Finding the House (post 2)

We were more than a little late getting ready for church.  In fact it got to the point we would be missing more than 1/2 of Sacrament meeting.  We carried on getting ready though, and with all kids clean, in dress clothes, fed and combed...we headed off to church.

Almost there, through my purse I could hear my phone ringing.  I looked at it and realized it was the Realtor I had called (and emailed :) the night before about the house in that neighborhood that was so incredibly priced.

So, I answered.  He first explained the nature of it as a foreclosure and some warning of work that needed done.  The more he said, the more interested I became.  He probably didn't know how much we LOVE stuff like that :).  After the discussion I urged him to show it to us.  He said he was available right then or again the next (Monday) morning.  Since we were dutifully headed to church I said we'd take tomorrow morning.  I hung up and told my husband that I was disappointed that I'd have to see it without him.

He thought for a moment, and then exited the freeway and got us turned around.  He said, "We better see it now."  I then called back the realtor to let him know actually NOW was a good time...and then awkwardly texted several people at church to let them know I had an emergency and wouldn't be able to teach Young Women's after all.

I felt incredibly guilty.  But even so, I knew this might have much bigger ramifications for our family's future and must be done.

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