Thursday, February 9, 2012

Breathing What?

So this looks like a normal bin of garbage right?

The only thing you might find abnormal (aside that we are not beer drinkers) is that this is what came out of our air vents here in our home.

Being terribly allergic to pet hair, we've been doing all we can to eradicate it from this home.  That is everything aside from replacing the carpet, which is what we really need to do...

But eliminating it from the vents was a necessary step, so Mr. Warmth pulled out the Shop Vac as well as the trusty super-long hose and he sucked all kinds of yucky from those pipes that feed us our breathing air.

We were not shocked to pull up a lot of dust and dog hair.  We were, however, surprised with these large goodies.

Fun fact:  the expiration date on the beer can is a good year before our house closed the first time, after construction.  That leads me to believe that can, as well as the other stuff perhaps, has been in those vents from the moment it was built.


  1. gross! it makes me want to check our air vents to see what construction treats were left behind... gross, just gross.

  2. Sick, who knew that kind of stuff would have been in the vents! I bet you feel like you are building hospital quality air after getting all that out. Thanks for not showing the pet hair you got out:)!!! So happy for your new home adventures!

  3. That is TOTALLY DISGUSTING! I've really enjoyed reading about your house buying/renovating experience. Thanks for sharing.

  4. wish you still had those...the Wendy's cup in particular...Id give you 5 dollars for that
    (see my collection:


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