Sunday, February 26, 2012

What I Needed:

A win.

Something Positive.

Something I could Do.

And do well.

That's what I needed today...this morning.  The beginning of this weekend was an explosion of me mentally hitting the wall from the stress of this year.  Why all at once?  I don't know.  It had probably been on a low simmer, slowly escalating as one thing (finding out about water damage in neighborhood we were building in), then another (getting sued by the builder), then another (Living in a too small space), and so many others (Boy #1 Tonsillectomy, 5 antibiotic necessary illnesses of my own, friendship issues for me and my children) threatened to take away our peace.

I think adrenaline alone powered me through this year.  But now that we know where life is headed and where we will live, it hit.  And hit big.  Heavenly Father in his love and mercy reached down to me today and gave me exactly what I needed.  There was a mis-communication in Relief Society ( a class at church) this morning and there was no one prepared to teach the class.  I volunteered to do so.  To most people somthing like that would add to their stress.  Public speaking is something I really love.  I love connecting with an audience.  Doing so is much easier and less stressful for me than one-on-one conversations.

As I prayed for help, I was directed with ideas of stories to share and topics for the class to discuss and I could feel a spirit of learning and cooperation in the room.  I felt so spiritually rewarded as I left that class.  If I had known it was coming I probably would have chalked it up to one more stressor on my plate.  The way it turned out, I left feeling renewed, re-strengthened and filled again with the knowledge that God, my Heavenly Father is watching every aspect of my life and stepping in to answer my prayers and help me in just the way he knows I need.

I am loved.  And I am so grateful.

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  1. I miss getting to be taught by you! I hope you are still feeling well!


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