Monday, April 23, 2012

Filling in the Gaps

When we had our inspection on this house there were several things I thought would be "deal breakers," especially anything involved with the foundation or basement of the house after our debacle with trying to get a home built.

There was this little gap that I thought might signal big problems.  Turns out (according to the inspector) all was well with the house and things that needed fixed were very minor--either cosmetic or to improve energy bills.  Nothing that meant it was a problem to buy this house.

Yay, yay, yay.  I still remember the excitement of hearing that news.  I didn't know it was still months away, but knowing we might have a house was very encouraging. of those minor things was just to fill in these areas with an expanding foam to make the wall more energy efficient.  Mr. Warmth handled that himself.  It's not pretty to look at, maybe not even interesting :), but I wanted to document all of the work we do to this place.  So many memories are formed in the fixing and beautifying and the restoring-to-life of our home.


  1. Hi! I'm your newest follower and co-host of this month's blog hop. Thanks so much for joining in on the fun :) I'm looking forward to getting you know you better!

    Have fun re-doing your home; it's such a special labor of love.

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