Wednesday, April 25, 2012


At the last minute I got my son a set of Cars balloons on his birthday.  I was feeling a little guilty that we weren't doing much for any of the kids birthdays so I ran to the closest grocery store and found this on the evening of the big day.

Thankfully kids are pretty excited no matter how last minute something is and he loved his balloons.  A few days after his birthday his dear little friend had a birthday party to go to.  My little man decided that he wanted to give the biggest Cars balloon to his friend.  I thought that was so sweet.  This picture is of him walking to that friend's house.

True generosity is giving of ourselves, things that are special to us.  I am touched by your goodness, sweet boy!

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  1. What a sweet little guy. Owen was so excited about this picture with the HUGE McQueen balloon!!


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