Monday, April 9, 2012

Seeing the Good

Seeing the good in what I did today gets clouded by the little bag of "poopy diaper" garbage on the floor, the folded chair in a heap, dirty clothes scattered about, and a corner cut out of vinyl flooring staring me in the face.  None of those things are my fault.  In fact the four year old could be responsible for most if not all (and a lot of other messes I haven't described).

When I get down I see those things as evidence of how I lack.  How I can't watch everything every minute and stop the messes from getting made.  I make the mistake of letting negative self-talk flash through my brain and think "you are so bad at being a mom" when I tip toe over their stuff to get some frozen meat out of the fridge for dinner.

But wait.

STOP, me.

That's just it.  I was preparing dinner.  They made messes while I was nursing my sick baby while he drifted off to the nap he so desperately needed.  I am here in this house.  I kept them from spilling a bunch of water on the floor when they wanted to.  I shooed them out the door to the backyard for some fresh air and active play.

What needs to change is the direction my eyes see.  I can look at the dinner maker or I can look at the messes I trip over.  I can look at the loved and nurtured baby, or the chaos that happens downstairs during that time.  Today I will pray that Heavenly Father helps me see the good...not just in the world or in others but the good that *I* do.


  1. Take it from an experienced mommy and now a grandma! YOU are doing a great job and the time goes by waaaay too fast. Enjoy your little corner of chaos while your beautiful babies are young. They will be all grown up and on their own before you know it. Your job is so very important right now. It appears to me you are doing just fine :)


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