Friday, May 4, 2012

More Ways With Diaper Boxes

.......with Duck tape or Duct tape...both are correct depending on the era of its invention or different uses...and then the brand name...


The point is:

We did a craft with it!  And it included my beloved Diaper Boxes:

This is a picture of the project half-done so you can see what I started with.  These are so cute, and probably more durable than the fabric covered ones.  The tape reinforces the cardboard, and also makes it wipe able!  Win, win!  At our walmart I can buy a roll of decorative duck tape for around $3.50 and it covers about 1 1/2 small diaper boxes.  Still much, much cheaper than buying decorative baskets the same size--and this way, more durable too!


  1. This baby diaper box really amazing. think this is best product so i will try to this one for my baby. Such great information share here.

    Fuzzi Bunz

  2. Given my inability to work with tape, my boxes would be a mess. How about I send you my boxes and tape and you can do it for me!

  3. I am inviting you to come and be part of my blog hop:

  4. Duct tape crafts are awesome! And this covered box is no exception! I love the leopard!

  5. I loved diaper boxes. I think I just got rid of our last one cause it was worn out, and my girls are 8 & 11. This would have kept them safe even longer.

  6. I was just wondering what you put in them? I have kept diaper boxes but just for my kids to play with nothing else. Very cute tape!

  7. Way doable! I love how the pattern of the tape really hides any seams that might otherwise stand out. Have you tried it with plain colored duct tape yet?

  8. And, now, drum roll please.... I'm your newest follower! Glad to have e-met you!

  9. i kept a cardboard box recently, and know i know just how to cover it! thanks!


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