Friday, June 8, 2012

The Best Blog Advice

My philosophy this year is: just keep blogging, just keep blogging, just keep blogging.  Reason #1 is I love it and I, obviously will do it for free.  I'd love the freedom of it being my career, but even if it never is I will keep doing it for my own benefit.

I just wanted to post this graphic because I know others just getting started, and I don't want them to throw in the towel just a few months too soon.  If you love something keep at it!  Many amazingly successful businesses didn't turn a profit for the first several years.  Do what you love, and work, work away at it :).


  1. Excellent advice! Keep on blogging :)

  2. This is so promising. I just got paid my first $1.88 for blogging. I've been at it for just under 6 months. LOL I can see how it would take some time to get a following, so thanks for being part of that too. Your great!

  3. You are awesome! I just recently started writing down all the stories I have kept in my head for so long. Turns out, I love to write! I just had to give up worrying about what everyone else thought and thinking it was only worth it if I got published.

    But guess what? Getting published is really hard, and if it happens, it is going to take years of work. But do I love to write? yes. So is it worth it? yes. That is what matters. Same with your blog. Even now with all your readership, it is still only worth it because you love it. Congratulations!


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