Thursday, June 14, 2012

DIY Playhouse Rugs

It's no secret that we have been desperately wanting in the market for carpet for some time (read: the WHOLE time) while we've been in this house.  As such, we've been going from store to store comparing colors and price tags, getting in-home measurements taken, etc.  Now that we've finally reached a decision and placed our order I decided I had no more need for the samples we'd been saving.

So....I offered them up to my daughters who just recently became the proud new owners of this bookshelf dollhouse.  A lady from church was giving it away and since we have ZERO furniture for the kiddos and few toys, I jumped at the offer.

To make rugs, the girls just layed out the samples in the patterns they liked and then turned them over and connected them with duct tape.

Voila!  I bet Barbie will be so glad to have that clean softness under her feet :)...

They also enjoy using the multitude of covered diaper box "baskets" we've created as playhouse decor.


  1. hey, we have that same sprinkler for kids that you have in your last photo- does yours work? ours stinks! i'm going to return it, but if yours really works maybe i'll exchange it. ps- love seeing you in the news. you are so famous! cracks me up!!!

  2. Hey, Jeanette, the key to that sprinkler is to make sure the water is up high and then wait...

  3. Barbie always has it going on. Thirty years ago, it might have been shag carpet going into the bachelorette pad, you know?


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