Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My 100 Dreams

So, I'm reading this book right now:

168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think

Actually, I'm listening to the audio, read by the author, as currently borrowed from my local library.  There's an app called Overdrive Media that the Library uses in order for me to have the digital book for 14 days and then it be deleted from my devise--this one on my phone, but I also have the app on a tablet too.  So, I have been exercising and doing my work around the house carrying around my phone listening to this author.

It's been great.  I'm super pumped that I'll be able to "read" this summer while doing my chores and the house remodeling at the same time (and without buying the books, borrowing them for free).  I find it rather fitting to read a book about time management while squeezing in another task.  Clever, right?  :)

Anyway...one of the first tasks readers are challenged to do is to list 100 Dreams.  Why 100?  Well, I think the premise is so that you don't try to edit.  That you list each dream from the already achieved down to the outright outlandish.  If it was 10 you might think really hard.  For 100...everything can be thrown out there.  And in my usual over-sharing style I plan to post that list of mine right here on this blog.  Not surprised, are you?

So, look for it tomorrow.  100 dreams I have had at any time in my life, even ones that have already been achieved.  Would you care to join in?  Feel free to list your dreams in the comments or a link to such a list you've blogged about.  I love to hear from you.

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