Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Warmth Wednesday!

I had the following submissions of warmth around food gifts:

Julie, from Our Family Life shared the following:

On my birthday I was struggling to decide what to have for dinner (not unusual at my house) when my neighbor knocked on the door. She brought over a crockpot of stew with a promise of the rest of the meal to come. I was overwhelmed that she would make my family dinner on my birthday. Just making dinner for my family is a task as there are so many of us. I felt so loved that she would understand that my one wish for my birthday (any birthday) is to not have to worry about making meals, just to be able to spend time with the family was wonderful. I think anytime someone brings food over and takes notice of somthing that you have done (as a thank you) or just brings it over to say "I was thinking of you" makes a person feel special and feel like there really is a point for them to be where they are in life.

Amanda from My Full Time Job shared:

I can tell you that when we moved into VG, Kim Peterson brought us some cookies the first or second Sunday we were there and it made me feel welcome and noticed, which was nice. 

Bobi from the blog you are reading :) says:

I have several memorable moments.  One was when I was a junior in High School and my Dad had had a heart attack and was in a hospital 2 hours away.  My mom was about to leave home for several days while my little brother and I stayed back since we were old enough to care for ourselves.  A lady from church stopped by our house and asked if she could bring dinner.  My mom said that wouldn't be necessary and I was standing right there and piped in, "That would be nice!"  My mom was the type that always resisted putting other people out and I'm sure I embarrassed her that day.  However, when she had left town and the lady brought us a piping hot pan of cheesy beef enchiladas we were in heaven.  They were about the best dinner I've ever tasted,  Mostly just because they said, "Someone in this world cares about you.  You are important, and deserve being nurtured."  I remembered that feeling often when ministering to others' needs at other stages of my life.

For next week's Warmth Wednesday:

Feel free to share any more "food love" stories that come to mind, or a way that a member of your family has shown you warmth or something you've done for them.  Don't consider it bragging, cause it'll inspire all of us with ideas of how to love and nurture our own families!

~Have a warm day~


  1. I have been thinking of what to write all day. There are so many times I have felt love and service from my family. Since we live away from my family, much of this support comes over the phone. Most recently, my mother has offered amazing encouragement for my journey through Jane's processing disorder. She went through the same thing (but worse) with my brother. Apparently it runs in the family. In the last few weeks her delay has seemed more pronounced, and left me quite worried. My mom has always had a kind word, encouragement, advice and hope. It's so nice to have someone who's been there and can help me through it now.

  2. When we moved to Sweden, our first Sunday at church, we were given an impromptu invite to eat lunch with their family. For a year, we never made a dinner on the Sabbath because the families in the ward rotated having us over for lunch following our meetings.

    Our Swedish ward was our most favorite ward EVER because of the love we felt from our fellow members. They were/are like family to us.

    I also learned from my time in Sweden that you don't need to make a big production of a meal to have people over. We frequently had friends over, even if my house was a mess, and I didn't know what we would eat. I'd just fix a big pot of soup and we'd eat, talk and play. Our house was so tiny--only 700 sq. feet but we would just stuff people in like sardines.

    Sometimes I think we make too big of a deal about entertaining and everything being perfect. But the reality is when you invite someone over, it's not to admire your clean floors, or uncluttered living room. It's about sharing company, friendship, talk, food, and laughter. It's about connecting. And that is beautiful!


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