Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Western Bedroom Palette #1

The cooler, tonal beiges in this example picture look fresh and up-to-date (read: more like grey which is all the rage!) White trim and dark wood floor provide enough contrast for the WOW!

The main colors we are doing our current house in are Sherwin Williams' Taupe Tone and Loggia (2007 version).  When we put them next to the pinky brown walls the house currently has in places, they look like total complete greys.  But they are really beiges, so it makes a nice up-to-date neutral.

As a reminder, though, we do not buy paint at Sherwin Williams, just happen to like their colors.  We go get it color matched at Home Depot because we love their Behr Ultra primer + paint.  No, I am not paid by any of them to say this :)...just our preference from trial and error.

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