Monday, September 17, 2012


One time, when we were meeting new people at Church my son blurted out, "My mom likes chandeliers."  It was totally random.  I think we were talking about our interests.  I don't even remember who we were talking to....but the conversation got awkward, as most of mine do ;).  Because they didn't get it, right?!  Um,yeah no....I'm weird.

But what's not to love?  I'm simply obsessed, so much so that even my kids know that I swoon when the right chandy comes into view.  Want to see some eye candy?

So, I'm you have a favorite?  How about a favorite place to have a chandelier?  Since we like to watch the utility bills we have ceiling fans everywhere...but you know a place I could squeeze a cute, decorative chandy?  The big walk-in closets!  Can you just picture it?  I think it might make them feel like fancy dressing rooms.  We'll see what Casey thinks :).


  1. Hi...thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on the coffee bar. I wanted to let you know your blog comments through Google + are set to "No Reply", which means there isn't an email address attached to it. Thanks for leaving your blog address. I looked back in my email with your other comments and the Western Warmth comments have an email address, but not the Google +.
    Thanks again for commenting on my blog and have a great day,

  2. Definitely think the walk-in closet could benefit from a chandy!

  3. I like the pink one!

  4. Love your blog! :) I just linked up to your party. We just moved from Omaha to Wichita. :) Small world! Erin

    1. Cool! Wish you were here, I need some friends, lol :). Do you like Wichita? Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

  5. I love chandy's, too, Bobi! I would love to have one in the kitchen, something like that picture with the Menu chalkboard you show. We did just install one as the light fixture on a new ceiling fan in our living room. So I got the function and the pretty in that project!

  6. Love chandeliers - I just haven't found one that is make over worthy yet! Plus, I really don't have a place to put one anyway, except for pure eye-candy, i.e. non functioning! I have a hook in the ceiling directly over our giant soaking bathtub in the master bath so if I could find one, that's where it'd go. I'll keep looking!

    Thanks for stopping over and leaving your comment. Yea, I think stenciling is HIGHLY over rated!!! I bought myself an overhead projector! Booyah!


  7. I am obsessed with chandeliers and light fixtures too. I would love to find one to revamp for our house.

    Thank you for the sweet comment you left on my gender reveal post.

  8. My favorite is the one in the Pottery Barn picture. I love them and could put one in every room if it didn't cost so darn much to have them wired in.


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