Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Rustic Chicken Wire Jewelry Holder

Thanks to re-building our deck we had some "re-claimed" wood of our very own to use for this project.  I've wanted a rustic way to display and keep my jewelry out of little hands for a very long time.  Casey couldn't understand why chicken wire needed to be involved, but with enough poking, prodding, and viewing of my Pinterest page...he hopped on board and made this!

I love it!


  1. Too cute! I love the finish on the wood..that's a hard look to achieve, but you did it well!

    (found your blog via wonderful wednesdays link up at all things alisa! now following!)

    1. Thanks!! This made me laugh, though. The "finish" is real! As in really weathered! It's old wood that had to be removed from our deck. So we didn't do anything...just used it to make this.

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