Monday, November 26, 2012

Free {recycle} ornament

Long ago I made the call to let my 6 year old daughter read the Harry Potter series.  It's obviously not written for 6 year olds, but her tastes and skills are unique (just like every child) and it worked for us.  She's read each book in the series almost 20 times now!  I don't regret it at all and love how much her world is opened up by books.

Reading, carrying, packing, holding and loving a book for that long can take its toll.  A few have no covers as well as torn and missing pages.  She was going to throw them away, but I decided to give them a new life - just like literature does for us.


  We cut shapes out of the page, two at a time, and then stitched them together with a little cinnamon in the middle and a knotted piece of jute twine coming out the top (the loop is what is showing and the knot is stitched into the tree).

I think its the perfect touch for our rustic, personalized tree.


  1. Nice one! You know something - I've not read ANY of those Potter books even once! Think I'm now too old to do it now: love reading books, as did my two girls, but now if I start, I'm asleep before I know it! That's why i've taken to toy-making - visit us aat to read how I do it, and also get the key to my Shop, as well! Look forward to seeing you both there, soon!

  2. I love this idea! What a great way to personalize your Christmas tree!

    Found you on Pinterest... I'm at Lemon Drop Pie. I'm glad I stumbled onto your blog!


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