Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Real Live Book

Thanks to a generous "monkee," I received a little amazon box today with a hardcover copy of the Daring Greatly book.  It's kind of funny how exciting such a gift was.  First of all it is amazing to be blessed with a gift from someone who doesn't know me.  But second, I haven't actually purchased a book to own in years.  Really.  We've been library-only for quite some time.  People talk about owning their own books and it honestly seemed frivolous.  Pinching every penny means not owning anything since the library is so close.  Not only that but it is greener and cuts down on clutter.  So yeah, I have plenty of reasons.

But still.

I own a book!

My very own, brand new HARDBOUND book!  Crazy, right?!  :)

The thought that I can make notes, highlight, and read more than once is pretty exciting.

Just thought I'd share.    

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