Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Infinity Scarf FAIL

Let's not call it a "FAIL," let's call it a "TRY," okay?

I had the best of intentions when starting this T-shirt scarf.  Not only that, but I had the best T-shirt.  For the others I had used solid colors.  I loved the navy pattern on this one so much more than those.  So I set out to make an extra special scarf.

99 cents at Goodwill

If I had quit here, and just stretched this out I'd have had a perfectly decent, maybe even cute infinity scarf.

But I had to make it complicated and sew a seam.

And then turn the tube I had created.  And while turning realized I had an infinity I couldn't turn out of.  So I had to cut...

It was still cute, but not "infinity."  And my brain was too fried to decide where to go next with it.  I'd already made a number of T-shirt scarves that day.

So I looked over at my cute toddler and gave it to him to play with.

And that truly made it all better.

So we won't call it a fail, right?  It was a TRY.  But dang, I wish I had a cute scarf with that fabric.

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  1. He looks very dapper with his scarf! What a great smile! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures


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