Friday, March 15, 2013

Their Health and Mine

As I've processed the stresses of the past year or two...the major and the mind seems to rest on a few things that I trudged through at the time, not really dealing with just pushing towards the finish line.  Those things brought me straight into survival mode, so I swept off emotion and handled them as they needed to be.  First I'd like to give myself a pat on the back for getting them handled, but secondly I'd like a moment to unburden myself here on the blog with the details.


I was 36 weeks pregnant, focusing mostly on the beastly details of a gestational diabetes diet, as well as my husband's job search in the wake of finishing law school and taking the bar exam.  Although he had interviewed regularly we hadn't been given any firm offers and were practicing intense prayer, including prayer for more faith!  This was in the heat of August.  Strangely our two year old caught some kind of summer bug with a fever that wouldn't quit. 

 5 days and it wouldn't quit!  I knew that was too long for my comfort so I had him checked at the Dr's office.  I was shoo-shoo'd as an overly worried parent with a virus in my house and sent home.  Two days later I woke at 5 in the morning with my son struggling to breathe and my instincts telling me Dr. "didn't care" wasn't right.  I called the nurse line and was told to lift my son's shirt to watch his breathing.  When I did I saw his skin pull in to his ribs.  

The nurse line operator said it was time to go straight to the ER.  Since we had two other kids at home asleep I drove myself with my son to the Children's hospital ER.  As a very pregnant woman you'd think I'd be emotional, but in the face of danger I turn quite the opposite.  I went swiftly, and thankfully had been to that hospital several times for Celiac disease testing for all of my kids.

I pulled into an empty parking lot and was taken straight back.  After about 30 seconds of listening to his lungs the Dr's said, "Pneumonia, right lung."  They then started giving my son breathing treatments while preparing him for X-ray.  He was X-ray'd, diagnosis confirmed and injected with antibiotics.  Within a couple of hours of arriving we were headed back home, nebulizer and antibiotic prescription in tow.

(to be continued)


  1. A mother's instincts are very powerful. Years ago, my youngest sister was complaining about her foot hurting. My sisters and I all thought she was exaggerating. But my mom had a really bad feeling and really pushed the doctors. Fortunately, they listened to her concerns and tested her for everything under the sun. Turns out she had a really, really bad staph infection in her leg. She ended up in the hospital for days on really heavy antibiotics. Good thing my mom listened to her instincts.

  2. I remember when all this happened. We were praying for you guys, too.


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