Saturday, April 20, 2013

and the Kitchen Sink!

If you think I blog about everything but the kitchen sink,  you are now wrong....bwahaha!

Yup, we got a new sink.  And from the looks of the "before" picture I'll bet you agree we needed it.  The sink was completely scratched and stained.  I have the hardest time when I can't get things to look clean even if they are clean, so this was something I wanted BAD.

I have loved having stainless steel again.  It's so nice to have it shiny and clean whenever I clean it :).  Here's some pictures of the process:

At certain points in the process we both had opportunities to get up and stand on the counter.  I always feel glad to be useful!


  1. Much better! I've never been a fan of the divided sink, I'd much rather be able to fit all my pots and pans an casseroles into the sink for a good soak:)

  2. Much better, nice an big.


  3. nice. We need to replace our white/scratched/stained sink also, and our disposal and our faucet . . . but I want to replace our counters first. All in good time! Glad you got yours in!


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