Friday, April 26, 2013

Thrifting for Summer Clothes

I don't just shop thrift stores for's the major source of our family's clothing.  There are a lot of reasons why it makes sense for me to do this, but the bottom line is I can get more, higher quality clothing this way.  I buy my husband Banana Republic dress pants for work, Justice jeans and skirts for my girls, and have even found Nine West shoes for myself.  

The quality of these things is so much higher than discount stores, but at way lower prices.  I got used to buying only used while my husband was a law student, and once he was working again it just never made sense to lose that skill/blessing.

To be totally forthcoming, I just brought BRAND NEW Nike running shoes last week.  And I feel good about that too.  I see using frugal skills and the willingness to buy used as a tool to help us live a higher quality life...our money going to things that are most important to us....not just to a mark-up that doesn't benefit us in any way.  (P.S.  All clothing is "used" the first time you wear it...that's how I see it, anyway).


  1. Thrifting makes sense no matter what your income. I totally agree! Why buy brand new if you don't have to? Especially for kiddos who grow out of things so quickly!

  2. agree. enjoy your thrifty finds! shopping is fun when it doesn't set you back!

    Jennifer @ Decorated Chaos


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