Monday, October 7, 2013

LDS General Conference weekend Meme's

For Mormon folks that have access to Pinterest and Facebook (if they are like me) there is a shocking speed with which little blips of what was actually spoken or spoken about hit the internet waves.  It's a frenzy of cutesy handouts!!!  So rather than be annoyed, I decided to jump in and create my own.  

I think every one is unique and reflects my own personal feelings this weekend.  Enjoy.

And for the speakers I loved:

Just kidding!  He didn't say that!

He said this.  And lots and lots of other great stuff.  Truth is, truth can't be reduced to soundbites.


  1. Very well done. And you know how I feel about quotes and memes!

    I don't know where I stand with the OW movement. I have been looking at their stuff a little bit and have been impressed with their humility, intelligence, and sincere desire to be heard. I'm not happy with how women in general are treated and regarded in our church in many ways. I especially dislike the idea that women have "moral authority" so they don't need anything else. It seems to mirror many of the arguments given against women being given the vote. Anyhow, more than anything, I was saddened by the treatment of the women who peacefully showed up and requested entrance to the Priesthood session. I thought the PR statement put out by the church was insensitive at best and malicious at worst, and absolutely disregarded the thoughts, feelings, and hopes of many women within the church. I was disappointed by two of the talks in the conference and felt like they missed the boat by a long shot. In the end, I felt like there was such strong pressure to ignore the voices of women asking sincere questions and to deny these women to be heard.

    What impresses me overall about these women is that instead of leaving the church, as many have so "kindly" suggested they do, they are looking for ways to be heard and acknowledged and make a difference.


  2. love this. Seriously, LOVE.


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