Friday, October 30, 2015

Giving a Gift -- Something Personal

Giving Gifts:

It's that time of year when we are looking to share love, to share common meaning, and communicate something through a thoughtfully presented package.  I don't care for the obligatory money spent just to say a social more was checked off the list.  I'm the kind of person that would rather the money be saved for something more useful, like bills or food :).  But when it comes to communicating love through a gesture, something personal can strike a nerve of feeling.  I decided to put together a group of ideas of things that would really make a personalized impact for someone you care about.

It all started when I saw this:

Guess what it is!  Seriously.....guess....
It's a personalized doormat!  How fun is that for a music lover?  Make their last name look like a family band welcoming people to their party house.  Such a fun introduction.

And while you're on a music theme, you could grab these CD's, er....coasters to complete a set.

And to set on those about a set of guitar glasses!

And then every once in awhile they could switch out the vinyl record rug above to this super sweet 80's mixtape. Or just set it inside the door with the record on the outside, so as the guests enter they can step on vinyl, then cassette tape, and get handed their coaster CD :).
This I want for myself!  The look of a mixtape with handwriting takes me right back.  Personalizing things like monogrammed towels can be cliché, but when someone's name is added to something this hip I think it takes gift giving up a notch.  And especially if you know a music lover this could really be the unique gift that takes the cake.

I found all these great items when I started exploring this site looking for home décor.  It's a company that focuses on sustainability.  Not just for the environment but socially, as in paying a living wage and benefits to their employees.  That's important to me and a big reason I usually gift handmade.  I originally started on their site in search of a cool chandelier but then got sidetracked thinking of how fun it would be to give these personalized music theme gifts.

I'm curious what your mantra is this gift giving season.  Are you embracing "less is more" or doing things that are handmade?  Are you into themes like me?  Let me know in the comments! 

**This post is sponsored by Uncommon Goods** 

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