Thursday, January 21, 2016

Tips for Healthier Cookies

What I do (for any recipe)....

  • Use whole wheat flour exclusively.  With that much sugar you can't really tell a difference when they are fresh, they just get dry and crumbly faster.  But when they are hot--taste just the same!

  • Which brings me to my next idea.  I freeze individual portions of cookie dough (big portions, mind you) so I can cook myself one HOT, FRESH cookie per day.  Day old dry cookies aren't nearly as good anyway.  Why bother?  Just enjoy one big hot one!

  • Cut the sugar amounts bit by bit from the recipe until it doesn't taste right.  With a dark chocolate cookie you'll be surprised how much sugar you can really cut out and still have them taste good.

  • Use REAL butter.  I believe in REAL foods including REAL fat.  And it tastes so good.  And I think it is good for you.  I got some of my crazy ideas about this from this book.


  1. I'll have to check out that book. I am a recent convert to the whole idea of "real food" but haven't done much about the sugar in my recipes. Thanks!

  2. I think if it were me doing this I would leave out the egg and just eat a cookie dough cookie a day. :-)


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