Sunday, May 20, 2012

It Makes Me Happy

We just got back from a quick road trip and I am itching to pull out my camera, load my pictures onto the computer and blog away!  As I've made the effort to post each day this year, it has been so rewarding for me.  It's not always interesting stuff to others, but it is fulfilling to me to keep track in words and pictures what we are feeling and experiencing.

This past year was so FILLED with feelings and experiences (good and bad) that I am bursting with things to share.  I appreciate those of you who read and pay attention to my little world here.  It's personally rewarding to do something permanent (since the internet keeps it saved away :) in my not very permanent daily life of laundry, dishes, and remodeling.

I plan to continue sharing my thoughts, feelings, pictures, adventures, tutorials, and recipes with you for a long time.  Here's why:

Find what that is and do it today :).  Feel free to share with me what makes YOU happy!  I like to know...

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